In addition to being a word coach, teacher, and workshop leader, I also write and perform. I teach it and I do it. I have had three books of poetry published, Roots and Wings (US), Fine Lines (UK) and An Episode of Buttons (UK). My poems have appeared in a variety of literary magazines and other publications. (See Publications.) They mostly explore relationships, and my images are largely drawn from the natural world around me.

Letting Light In
Carol Burnes

I write to understand, to process my experience and shed light on it.

Sooner or later I write down all my spoken stories. Ever the poet, I perfect each image, each line. My one woman show “Suddenly Single” has had twenty-two drafts and is still evolving. Writing distills my thinking, allows me to see the overall arc more clearly, to explore the moment more deeply.

I also do business and technical writing. Whether consulting to create private placement memorandums, or presentations to raise venture capital, I work closely with management, raise questions, then weave their answers into a piece which truly represents the company.

In this kind of writing it is a matter of finding connections and patterns in a mass of material.

Patterns in sand, Costa Rica
Carol Burnes