Me in pink as Chastity May

Do you have an event that would be enhanced by a performance? I perform as a poet reading my own poems, as a storyteller performing personal and commissioned pieces, and in my one woman show, “Suddenly Single.”  I weave poetry, anecdote and story in spirited portrayals of characters and situations from everyday life; people laugh, they cry and are moved recognizing themselves and glimpses of their own lives in my work. “Her style ranges from the theatrical to the intimate and humorous.”
Silvermine Guild Arts Center, CT.

My stories combine poetry and prose and often improvisational acting. I am told that my poems often serve as mirrors in which people see themselves reflected.

I have performed extensively in the US, UK, Ireland, and Europe, in venues as diverse as universities and bookshops, Boston City Hall, and the King’s Head Theatre and The Southbank Centre in London. I have appeared in Australia and will present at the International Conference on Thinking in New Zealand in January of 2013. (See Appearances.)

I am available for:

Shakespearean character photo by Lyn Hoopes

  • Commissioned pieces — on any topic for specific occasions and audiences
  • Presentations — of dramatic pieces about specific ideas in thinking, creating, communicating
  • Ceremonies — as officiant, coach, and performer commissioned to write stories and poems to perform at weddings, funerals, anniversaries, and other celebrations.
  • Performance Poetry, mixed media —
    • performing my poetry with spontaneous stories woven in
    • performing my poems with dancers and/or musicians who offer sound and movement interpretations to accompany my words and images
  • Collaboration with student performers — combining student work with my own, US and abroad
  • Storytelling — performing my original stories, personal and other
  • Keys to Writing — a teaching/performance presentation to introduce basic ingredients of writing exploring both art forms, including their similarities, differences and juxtapositions

Comments on my performances:

in sculpture by Jamie Burnes

inside a sculpture by Jamie Burnes
photo by Sherry Moore

“Carol Burnes performs poetry the way Madonna would perform Mass…(she) cares about reaching her audiences, and  has developed a performance formula which bridges the gap…her performances accomplish something closer to dialogue with an audience.”
—What’s On, London Entertainment Magazine

“Her performances are an unorthodox mix… Kids, Cats – and the outrageous!”
Poetry Ireland, Dublin

Carol’s performances “mix elements of drama, stand-up comedy, traditional storytelling and even dance.”
Hereford and Worcester County Council, England

“Carol Burnes is bound to wake you up!
The Tab, Boston

“Carol Burnes has a provocative and entertaining style.”
The Voice Box, Royal Festival Hall,  Southbank Centre, London