One-woman Show

One-woman Show: Suddenly Single

as Dolores in 'Suddenly Single'

as Dolores in “Suddenly Single”

What becomes of one suddenly widowed and at the same time orphaned and childless living alone at the end of a long dirt road? Using poetry, story and improvisational acting, I explore the delights and dilemmas, the fears and fantasies of finding myself alone for the first time ever. I sketch vivid situations from the ordinary to the outrageous. The result is highly entertaining and moving, with something in it for everyone. It has been very well received on both sides of the Atlantic.

Valerie Grove of The Times of London said, “Please go if you can. It’s moving, brave and wonderfully funny.”

Carol in “Suddenly Single” in London

“By baring her soul, with humor, she has helped a lot of us face life more lightly and more smilingly.”
—Curator, Woods Hole Historical Collection & Museum