Carol officiating at Rebecca and Larry's wedding

Carol officiating at Rebecca and Larry’s wedding
Liz Linder

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Carol Burnes

Creating a ceremony for any occasion can be a challenge. Some people have no idea what they wish to include or what shape the event should take. Others have only an inkling. I can help you find an idea, and with you, create an overall framework for the ceremony, weaving in what you wish to include. In dialogue with you, using your ideas and words, I can weave together a centerpiece for the ceremony which I can present, or I can simply help you write your own. I have created specific stories and poems for special events such as:

  • Weddings
  • Anniversaries
  • Birthdays
  • Funerals
  • Other special occasions


  • As a licensed officiant I lead the ceremony, with the option of creating and presenting poems or the couple’s story as a centerpiece.
  • Wand and Ceremonyphoto by Liz Linder

    Wand and Ceremony
    Liz Linder

    I work with clients to create whole wedding ceremonies, helping to structure the sequence of elements, choose readings, write vows, ring exchanges, and more.

    One example is The Match-making Muse: A commissioned wedding story.

As Celebrant, I led the ceremony and performed a story I created through interviewing the couple numerous times. I used humor and insight to trace the lives of bride and groom from childhood to their first meeting, and finally, to marriage.

Birthdays and other occasions

I create and deliver requested stories about people, family, and significant events.


I create funeral services, including readings, hymns, eulogies, and commemorative pieces to present as part of the ceremony.

Comments on my work:
A note to express our deep gratitude for the open, energetic, warm and insightful way…that you guided our wedding preparation and, finally, wedding ceremony. It was so important to us to craft distinct personal words and meanings for the ceremony… The vows and ring exchange, words and overall mood struck just right… We felt it perfectly captured the spirit of our relationship and romance. As expected, you mesmerized even the most skeptical in the group (the lawyers!), which is a true feat.”
the bride, Rebecca